Roman Britain

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The Romans had been interested in adding Britain to the Empire ever since Julius Caesar had twice invaded the island and left again in 55 and 54 BC.

In the summer of the year AD 43 Emperor Claudius invaded Britain again and received the surrender of ten British kings and one queen in a solemn ceremony in front of his troops.

Claudius knew that a successful expedition would be a certain way to impress both the Roman people and the Roman army. He also knew they would be impressed because the Romans thought Britain stood on the edge of the world in a wild and dangerous sea which they called Oceanus.

Britain remained part of Roman empire till 405 AD, when Roman troops left the island to defend Rome from the German tribes.

So , in the first three centuries part of Britain was under Roman influence, but in the other part, behind the wall , built in 2d century by Emperor Adrian, lived the Picts, the Britons and the Scots, the unconquered tribes.

  1. Julius Caesar's and Claudius soldiers at first refused to go to Britain. Why were they frightened?
  2. The Wall, built by Emperor Adrian went for many kilometers. What do you think, why did he order to build it?
  3. Read the poem of H. W. Auden. Which image of Roman Britain does it show?