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London was formed from the ancient cities of London and Westminster. Now its one of the greatest cities in the world. Its at least two thousand years old and was settle long before the first Roman invasion.

There is more of Londons history in the Tower than anywhere else. Its the oldest surviving building in London, dating from the Norman Conquest, and even before the place had been used by the Romans, and later by the Saxons as a fortress. It was also a royal palace, a prison, a treasury, a mint, an arsenal, the first royal observatory,and for three hundred years there was a royal zoo.

The oldest part is the White Tower built as a fortress and family residence by William the Conqueror in 1078. Today there is a unique collection of arms and armour and instruments of torture in the White Tower.

The Crown Jewels are also kept in Tower.

The Yeomen Warders , also known as Beefeaters,live with their wives and children in Tower. They are responsible for the security of the Tower. Once they looked after the prisoners, now they attend to the three million visitors who come to the Tower every year. The Yeoman Raven Master, is in charge of half-a-dozen ravens.


1. How old is London?

2.Speak about the oldest surviving building in London. Since what time and how was it used?

3. Speak about the White tower.

4. Who are the Beefeaters?