The celts

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Учитель английского языка О. М. Свенцицкая

During the period from the 6th to the 3rd century BC more than one Celtic tribe invaded Britain. Celtic tribes called the Picts penetrated into the mountains on the North. Later the Scots settled in the North beside the Picts. They came in such large numbers that the name of Scotland was given to that country. Powerful Celtic tribes, the Britons, held most of the country , and the southern half of the island was named Britain.

We know a lot about the Celts because of the written accounts that exist. The Celts didn't write down the events themselves. Other people who knew them described them in their books. The earliest writer from whom we have learned much about the country and its inhabitants was Julius Caesar, the famous Roman general, statesman and writer. He tells us the Celts were tall and blue-eyed, they wore long flowing moustaches but no beards. They lived in tribes and were ruled by chefs.

The Celts had no towns, they lived in villages. The used copper, tin and iron and kept large herds of cattle and sheep which formed their wealth.

In war-time the Celts wore skins and painted their faces with a blue dye to make themselves look fierce.

The Celts worshipped Nature. They imagined the sky, the sun, the moon, the earth and the sea to be ruled by powerful beings. They also believed in many nameless spirits who lived in the rivers, lakes, mountains and thick forests. They were taught by priests called druids that their souls passed after death from one body to another. The druids lived near groves of oak-trees which were considered to be sacred places.